Derwent Artist Pencil 120-Color Wood Box Set (32098)
Derwent Artist Pencil 120-Color Wood Box Set (32098)
Item#: 0562098

List Price: $404.99
Our Price: $311.99
Highly pigmented color, break resistant 4mm core in round 8mm barrel. Traditional round barrel and wide core makes for perfect broad strokes and free, expressive drawing. Slightly waxy texture is ideal for multiple layering and blending to produce an inifite spectrum of subtly different hues and tints.

Set includes 120 pencils in a wooden box: Lime, Zinc Yellow, Lemon Cadmium, Gold, Primrose Yellow, Champagne, Straw Yellow, Buttercup Yellow, Deep Cadmium, Naples Yellow, Middle Chrome, Deep Chrome, Orange Chrome, Spectrum Orange, Scarlet Lake, Pale Vermilion, Deep Vermilion, Bright Red, Geranium Lake, Flesh Pink, Light Sienna, Salmon, Ash Rose, Pink Madder Lake, Rose Pink, Rioja, Madder Carmine, Claret, Crimson Lake, Rose Madder Lake, Plum, Grape, Magenta, Heather, Soft Violet, Imperial Purple, Red Violet Lake, Slate Violet, Dark Violet, Light Violet, Blue Violet Lake, Delft Blue, Royal Blue, Mid Ultramarine, Teal Blue, Pale Ultramarine, Ultramarine, Smalt Blue, Cobalt Blue, Spectrum Blue, Light Blue, Sky Blue, Prussian Blue, Indigo, Ash Blue, Phthalo Blue, Oriental Blue, Midnight Blue, Kingfisher Blue, Turquoise Blue, Turquoise Green, Jade Green, Cobalt Green, Fir Green, Spruce Green, Distant Green, Phthalo Green, Juniper Green, Bottle Green, Water Green, Mineral Green, Emerald Green, Grass Green, May Green, Sap Green, Cedar Green, Green Grey, Olive Green, Moss Green, Light Moss, Chartreuse, Green Each, Parchment, Olive Earth, Bronze, Sepia, Felt Grey, Burnt Umber, Vandyke Brown, Raw Umber, Brown Ochre, Light Ochre, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Golden Brown, Burnt Yellow Ochre, Copper Beech, Burnt Sienna, Venetian Red, Terracotta, Sunset Gold, Autumn Leaf, Rust, Light Rust, Mahogany, Burnt Rose, Mars Violet, Taupe, Bistre, Burnt Carmine, Chocolate, Mars Black, Ivory Black, Blue Grey, Gunmetal, Storm Grey, French Grey, Silver Grey, Fell Mist, Chinese White.