Oce 44542 4mil Double Matte Engineering Film 22"x150' Untaped 3" Core 1 Roll (4454200004)
Oce 44542 4mil Double Matte Engineering Film 22"x150' Untaped 3" Core 1 Roll (4454200004)
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Oce 44542 is a 4 mil polyester film, coated on both sides with a matte finish. An exceptionally strong, durable media that can be used for long term storage. It is specifically engineered for use on Oce Copy Press, the new Oce Crystal-Point® technology, in the Oce ColorWave® 600/650 printers, and other xerographic equipment.

Physical properties*

  • Color - White
  • Opacity - 34%
  • Whiteness - 56
  • Smoothness - 50 +/- 10
  • Not Erasable
  • Acid Free
* Target Values


  • Matte both sides
  • Dimensionally stable, durable and water resistant
  • Matte both sides
  • Good toner adhesion
  • Uniform solid fill
  • Good copy quality
  • Good copier performance overall

Recommended Storage Conditions and Shelf Life

  • Temperature 67°-77° F. (20°-50° C). Relative Humidity 30-70%
  • Please repack opened rolls when not in use.
  • Shelf life 2 years with proper storage.
  • Allow material to stabilize to room conditions 24 hours before use.

Environmental, Health & Safety

  • No Material Safety Data Sheet required.
  • Waste is not suitable for recycling.

Main Applications

  • Designed for use where durability and long term storage are required. Can also be used for manual drafting.

Printer Compatibility

Oce 44542 is recommended for use in OceCopy Press technology; and other xerographicequipment. Also recommended for use withthe new Oce CrystalPoint® technology in theOce ColorWave® 600/650 printer.

Processing Tips

  • Outside of the roll is side to be printed.
  • Print in a dust and dirt free environment 55°-90° F. (10°-35° C), 20-90% R.H.