Royal Sovereign Professional 65" Cold Roll Laminator (RSC-6500H)

Item#: RY00162
Royal Sovereign Professional 65" Cold Roll Laminator (RSC-6500H)

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The RSC-6500H is a 65" Professional Series Laminator with top roll Heat Assist, designed to withstand the rigors of large volume production. A flip table provides ease of access to the front feeder and front rewinder while a rear facing remote allows control of Run, Stop and Reverse front practically any angle. Unique to the category the FilmSaver automatically slows down the rollers when media is not detected to avoid unnecessary film waste. A heavy-duty steel construction will provide long lasting quality and versatility. Choose the RSC-6500H to truly set your finishing capabilities apart from the crowd.


  • 65" capacity
  • Lamination speeds over 28 ft./min.
  • Infinite height settings from lamination mode up to 2"
  • Rear remote standard features
  • Front feeder and 2 rewinders (front and rear) standard features
  • Heat assist option to help to reduce cure times and the natural phenomenon known as "Silvering"



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