Dahle Premium Guillotine Paper Trimmer and Stand 43-1/4" (585)
Dahle Premium Guillotine Paper Trimmer and Stand 43-1/4" (585)
Item#: 1402585

Our Price: $2,647.50
Not all projects can be cut on standard size trimmers. For these large format applications, Dahle's created a Premium Series of large format guillotines. These commercial grade cutters are designed to cut large amounts of paper with your safety in mind. This series has built in features that will make your cutting task a safe and pleasurable experience.

Dahle's Premium Series large format guillotines offer an acrylic fan guard to prevent injury by keeping hands from being in the wrong place. The ground, self sharpening cutting blade is made of German Solingen steel and maintains a perfectly honed edge every time it is used. This blade can also be locked to prevent unsupervised use by others. The manual foot clamp holds material securely across the entire cutting surface. A spindle driven backstop on the "cut off" table and optional laser guide ensures that each cut is as accurate as possible. This guillotine sits on top of a permanently mounted stand to ensure proper height and leverage for trimming.

Cut Length: 43-1/4"
Sheet Capacity: 30
Dimensions: 53" x 41"